VK Sox Mop Head Cover

מק"ט DC-01

This VertiKlean Sox mop head cover is for use with the VertiKlean wall washing system for wet cleaning walls and ceilings in sterile and nonsterile environments. VK-Sox Mop head cover is made of clean processed polyester and is specially knitted to reduce wipe degradation and subsequent particle generation.

The covers are deisgned and constructed to fit snugly over each size of VertiKlean mophead.

Laundered in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom laundry and double bagged, the covers are suitable for use in environments down to ISO Class 5.

VK-Sox covers are very low in particle and extractable residue, and provide protection for both the foam VertiKlean mophead, and the environment being cleaned.

Compatible with a wide range of solutions. Sox Mop Head Cover Dimensions: 8-Inch (20.3cm).

מק"ט: VK-SOX
דגם: VK Sox Polyester wiping mop head cover 
יצרן: Contec Inc.
מרכיב הבד: Polyester
רמת ניקיון: ISO Class 5
מידות: 8-Inch (20.3cm).
כמות באריזה: 4 pieces/bag; 8 bags/case

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