Twin Divided Bucket-2743

מק"ט KM-3009

Contec bucket 2743 is a blue autoclavable 5.3 gallon (20L) divided bucket with specially designed polyester Slinger.

Complete with a stainless steel frame, the Slinger is a rugged polyester mesh "sling" style wringer that easily installs over the included bucket.

Durable polypropylene composition. Includes 1 cover. Use one side of the bucket for cleaning and disinfecting solutions, and the other for rinsing. For added mobility, 4 non-autoclavable casters are included.


Compatible with Contec's VertiKlean MAX and EasyCurve mopping systems.

Ideal for smaller controlled environments, compounding pharmacies and labs with limited storage space.

מק"ט: 2743
דגם: Twin Divided Bucket with Slinger
יצרן: Contec Inc.
צבע: blue
נפח כולל: 5.3 gallon (20L)
» מתקן סחיטה Rugged polyester mesh with a stainless steel frame
» דלי Polypropylene

Blue autoclavable 5.3 gallon (20L) divided bucket; Slinger; 1 cover;  4 non-autoclavable casters

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