QuickTask Polyester Mop Head-TASK0200

מק"ט Infinity-Bubble-ESD

QuickTask™ TASK0200 mop head cover are constructed from multi-layers of 100% knitted polyester creating a highly sorbent mop which allows for an even application of solution.

The cleanroom laundered polyester ensures a very low level of particulates making the mop suitable for use in the highest grade of cleanroom.
Designed for single use, the mop heads are compatible with a range wide of chemicals and disinfectants.

Mop head coversize: 39 x 13cm

The QuickTask™ range consists of a variety of flat mop heads that can be easily attached to a choice of flat mop head frame and handle assemblies.

The flat mop heads are compatible with the QuickTask™ hinged mop frames 2749 (stainless steel) and 2740 (autoclavable polypropylene).

מק"ט: TASK0200
דגם: QuickTask™ Polyester Knit mop covers
יצרן: Contec Inc.
מרכיב הבד: 100% knitted polyester fabric
מידות: 39 x 13cm
משקל: 70 gram/mop
כושר ספיגה: 330 mL/mop
כמות באריזה: 4 Each/Bag, 12 Bags/Case
אתר היצרן: QuickTask™ Mopping System

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