QuickTask Looped Microfiber Mop -TASK0300

מק"ט KBLeG

The most sorbent QuickTask™ mop cover, the small loop microfiber construction of TASK0300 provides exceptional performance in removing liquids, soil, residues and other contaminants from most surfaces, including polymeric flooring. Microfiber construction for exceptional sorbency and mop-to-dry performance on wet surfaces. Can be laundered and autoclaved. ideal for polymeric flooring. Size of the mope cover: 42 x 12cm

The TASK0300 is compatible with a wide range of chemicals and disinfectants including hypochlorite solutions (bleach). TASK0300 Is very cost effective as it is both autoclavable and repeatably launderable.

The QuickTask™ range consists of a variety of flat mop heads that can be easily attached to a choice of flat mop head frame and handle assemblies. The flat mop heads are compatible with the QuickTask™ hinged mop frames 2749 (stainless steel) and 2740 (autoclavable polypropylene).

מק"ט: TASK0300
דגם: QuickTask™ Looped Microfiber mop covers
יצרן: Contec Inc.
מרכיב הבד: Polyester/nylon microfiber loop; blue Woven polyester backing; Woven polyester hemmed edge
מידות: 42 x 12cm
משקל: 83 gram/mop
כושר ספיגה: 312 mL/mop
כמות באריזה: 10 Each/Bag, 4 Bags/Case
אתר היצרן: QuickTask™ Mopping System

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