Medium-VKMX0200 VertiKlean MAX Mop Head

מק"ט full-finger

For unmatched absorbency, Contec's Medium VertiKlean® MAX™ VKMX0200 mop head features a single layer of hydrophilic polyurethane foam laminated to polyester fabric backed by a semi-rigid thermoformed plate that easily snaps onto a VertiKlean® mop head frame. While it’s performance is similar to that of our industry-standard VertiKlean® mops, VertiKlean® MAX™ has a slimmer profile for cleaning in tighter spaces. VertiKlean® MAX™ also offers increased sorbency.

Designed for applying disinfectants to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, the lightweight disposable VertiKlean® MAX™ is ideal for general cleaning of ceilings, walls, and floors. Compatible with QuickConnect mop handles, the pivoting mop head frame makes it easy to clean around door and window frames as well as light fixtures and heavy equipment.

VertiKlean MAX Medium is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting broad surfaces in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

For added flexibility, the unique design of VertiKlean® MAX™ allows various dry and presaturated wipes to be used with the mop head and frame. Contec wipes and solvent blends are available to match the critical needs of each end user.

Mop Head Dimensions: 12.8 x 4.3 x 0.7" (32 x 11 x 2cm)

מק"ט: VKMX0200
דגם: Medium VertiKlean® MAX™ mop head
יצרן: Contec Inc.
מרכיב הבד: Knitted polyester fabric / 100ppi hydrophilic urethane foam / knitted polyester fabric / APET thermoform backplate
מידות: 11.0 W x 32.4 L x 1.9 H cm
משקל: 70 gram/mop
כושר ספיגה: 457 mL/mop
כמות באריזה: 4 each/bag; 7 bags/case

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