Medium Mop Head Cover MVK-QT-SOX

מק"ט Indigo

Contec MVK-QT-SOX VertiKlean Sox Clean-processed Quiltec I – Medium Mop Head Cover is made from clean-processed Polyester. Envelope shape for easy slip-on and secure hold while using. For use with Medium VK-MOP. The VertiKlean Sox removable covers are designed to protect the disposable mop heads during vertical wet cleaning. They improve the durability of the mop while cleaning highly abrasive surfaces. Length: 13 inches (33cm).

Key Features:

blue-check-mark-png-hi Material: 2-ply quilted polyester

blue-check-mark-png-hi Laser-cut, which seals fibers at wipe's edge and allows 100% utilization of wipe

blue-check-mark-png-hi Laundered and packaged in a ISO Class 4 cleanroom

blue-check-mark-png-hi Envelope Style, 13 inches (33cm) length

blue-check-mark-png-hi Disposable

מק"ט: MVK-QT-SOX
דגם: VertiKlean Sox Clean-processed Quiltec I – Medium Mop Head Cover
יצרן: Contec Inc.
מרכיב הבד: Clean-processed Polyester
רמת ניקיון: ISO Class 5
מידות: Length: 13 inches (33cm).
כמות באריזה: 10 pieces/bag; 12 bags/case
אתר היצרן: VertiKlean® Wall Washing System, Medium






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