מק"ט CERTICLEAN-class100

Edgeless® Mopping System:

EL-MOP: Edgeless Mops are made from strong, durable knitted polyester, eliminating contamination from breakage and deterioration common with cotton and rayon string mops. Cleanroom laundered Edgeles Mops are made from a continuous tube of 100% polyester knitted fabric looped to form tubular mop strands that will not shed or break.

blue-check-mark-png-hi Cleanest floor mopping system available for critical environments

blue-check-mark-png-hi Patented Textured and Long Textured Edgeless Mops feature unique ribbed, twisted strands that are more sorbent than traditional tube mops and has a textured head band that is ideal when additional abrasion resistance is required.

blue-check-mark-png-hi All mops are available sterilized by gamma radiation, and can be sterilized by ETO and steam (autoclave) sterilization methods. Validated sterile per the AAMI/ISO Guidelines to a 10-6 SAL. Certificates of sterility are available


blue-check-mark-png-hi Designed for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries for lab clean up and process area cleaning

blue-check-mark-png-hi Ideal for general purpose cleaning in ISO Class 3 as well as less critical environments.

blue-check-mark-png-hi Designed for wet/damp mopping.

blue-check-mark-png-hi Rugged polyester construction is ideal for tough cleaning tasks.

blue-check-mark-png-hi Compatible with a wide range of chemicals and disinfectants.

מק"ט: EL-MOP
דגם: Edgeless® Mopping System
יצרן:  Contec, Inc.
מרכיב הבד: olyester
צבע: לבן
רמת ניקיון: ISO Class 3
מידות: 50.8x 50.8 x 27.9 ס"מ
משקל: 444 גרם
כמות באריזה: מטלית אחת באריזת ניילון/ 20 אריזות ניילון במארז
אתרן היצרן: Contec-Edgeless® Mopping System



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