Double Bucket System – 2757

מק"ט KM-4000D

Contec’s 2757 bucket system features a compact stainless steel rolling cart with two autoclavable polypropylene buckets, one gray and one red, and options for a heavy-duty stainless steel downpress wringer or flat mop wringer or Slinger™ wringer (purchased separately).

A third bucket, blue in color, is available for use when a three bucket system is required. Compact design improves maneuverability and reduces storage space. The 2757 cart features a removable handle for easier autoclaving and storage. The system’s compact design improves maneuverability and reduces storage space.

The durable yet lightweight 2757 cart has four casters, two fixed and two that swivel and lock easily with the touch of a foot. The system can be used with two or three buckets, depending upon your cleaning protocols. An extendable frame pulls out of the front of the cart to accommodate an additional bucket. Included stainless steel connecting kit prevents drips between buckets.

מק"ט: 2757
דגם: Compact Stainless Steel and Polypropylene Double Bucket System
יצרן: Contec Inc.
» עגלה Stainless Steel, Type 304
» דליים Polypropylene / Copolymer
» גלגלים Stainless steel frames with blue Kryptonic™ autoclavable wheels
נפח כולל: 5 gallon (20L) x 3 Units
מידות: 56 x 60 x 91 cm
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