2740 QuickTask Mop Head Frame


Contec 2740 QuickTask™ Polypropylene Mop Head Frames has been designed for use exclusively with 2725E and 2746.

This Mop Head Frame made from a unique polypropylene copolymer that is durable, lightweight, and autoclavable.

The 2740 Mop Head Frame is hinged to fit the QuickTask mop heads. May be sterilized by autoclave or gamma irradiation. Autoclavable at 121 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Compatible with all common disinfectant solutions and most common solvents. Size:40 x 15cm.

מק"ט: 2740
דגם: QuickTask™ Polypropylene Mop Head Frame
יצרן: Contec Inc.
מבנה: Polypropylene copolymer
מידות: 40 x 15cm
כמות באריזה: 1 each/case
אתר היצרן: QuickTask™ Mopping System

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