Gamida for life group

Gamida for life group

Gamida Ltd is a member of an evolving international group of companies dedicated and focused to the Healthcare, Life-Sciences and Industrial fields. The companies which are distributing developing selling products in the above mentioned fields are mutually committed to realize the synergies which naturally exist between the companies, and to offer each other scientific, technical, marketing and general collaboration and support.

Each company has specialized and focused attention to a carefully defined range of products and customers as follows:

Gamida Ltd. provides safety products & solutions, consumables products, Services & Solutions for Critical Environment fields. as well as  hospital consumables and pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and devices in various hospital fields. Gamida Ltd. Logo
Gamidor Diagnostics provides diagnostic systems, chemicals, reagents and services to clinical laboratories. GamidorDiagnostics logo
Danyel Biotech supplies products and services for both life sciences and biotechnological industry. Danyel Biotech fields of activity include: Genomics, Proteomics, Molecular biology research reagents and instrumentation, Analysis of interacting bio-molecules. DanyelBiotech logo
Savyon Diagnostics is engaged in the research, development and assembly of in vitro diagnostics in the fields of ID and Genetic tests (NANOCHIP). Savyon Diagnostics Logo
Gamida SA is a French subsidiary which is engaged in the development and production of medical equipment and devices for sale in both in France market and abroad, as well as in the distribution in France of products from international suppliers. Gamida France


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